Koncrete Kite

Trash or Treasure?

Trash or Treasure
Welcome to the newest page on this site. Here you can get a glimpse of the band's past with old video, music, and photos unearthed from the Bove catacombs. Maybe some of this stuff shouldn't see the light of day? Maybe  it's a little too self-indulgent? Nonetheless, here's a brief history into the band's humbled beginnings...awful fashion choices...and slow maturation into what they've become today. Enjoy...laugh...and count your Blessings the 80's are over! Is it trash or treasure? you decide.   

Koncrete Kite - "Only a Movie"  1996

Aah...live music. Nothing captures the essence of a band than playing live in a smoky bar full of drunks and degenerates. This video was taken late night somewhere in Ybor City. The band was testing out original music before heading into the studio. This track, "Only a Movie" starts off the debut CD, "Can of Bliss" with some oomph. It was the heyday of Grunge and Power Pop music.



BOVE - "Goin' Naked"  1993

Way before there was Koncrete Kite, the Bove brothers were in a band called, well...BOVE (I know, I know...such originality...but then again, if Van Halen and Dokken could do it...) Recorded and produced IN TWO DAYS back in 1993, this long forgotten gem contained the core three members of the band  - Rich, Joe, Chris - along with future video director Jeff Kennedy on vocals. Although the songs were mixed professionally, most are truly dated and will never see the light of day. The cover featured future band members PJ and Greg enjoying a spirited bath together.

Koncrete Kite - The "Grounded" sessions  1999

Edited video taken from the recording sessions for the second CD, "Grounded". The album was cut and mixed at Morrisound Studios in north Tampa by the great Mark Prator. Mark and the brothers Bove would go on and forge a musical bond that would flourish with this project and the next two ("The Joy of Bee Stings" and "Full of Bull").   


Bove - "So this is Love?"  1983

First ever live performance. A precursor to their now annual BOVEPALOOZA. This video captures the young teens performing in front of an audience in the backyard. And the singer? None other than Greggie! Only two at the time, the once cute, but now very hairy, younger brother gives his best impersonation of David Lee Roth. Watch as he attempts the singer's patented stage acrobatics!

Koncrete Kite - "Stayed in Bed" live  1997

First live radio performance. 101one WJRR. Orlando's premier rock station. What a thrill. Joe on acoustic. Rich on bongos. Chris on electric bass and backing vocals. Two friends were there too. One was called Snooty. He played the shaker. Another track from "Can of Bliss".

Bove - "Everybody Wants Some"  1984

Back in the summer of '83, the Bove clan uprooted and moved from Freehold to Chatham, NJ. Leaving childhood friends behind, the brothers promised they'd be back and better than ever. Fronted by Kenny Price (who eventually moved out to LA and became singer for the glam band Blackboard Jungle) the group - still known as BOVE - returned to play at their old high school. As you can tell, stage performance was minimal, but the experience enlightening. 


Koncrete Kite - No respect for Chris  1995

Oh, Christopher. During the initial phase of the revamped lineup and name change, Chris (also lovingly known as "Smokey Butts") was an intricate part of the band and came up with a ton of ideas that would make the first album. But as the youngest brother in the group during this time, he was often teased and ridiculed because....well, because that's what big brothers do! Here is a brief snippet of Chris coming up with a song while Joe and Rich shoot pool and some damn parakeet chirps in the background. No respect! This idea would eventually become "Hang Your Halo" and sung by Rich on their third CD, "The Joy of Bee Stings".   


                                                    Rich and Joe - "My Sharona"  1979

This is it. The very beginning. When dreams are born...hopes are high...and talent is lacking! This is the first time the preteen brothers are captured on film, not knowing that the pair would go on to record and produce four full-length albums, hundreds of live performances, and dozens of other creative endeavors. Aah, if they only knew the troubles they would get into from being in a rock band?!!      
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