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It's the little song that could! "Stained Glass" has remained firmly within the Top Twenty of the Independent Music Charts for over eighteen months. Eighteen months! It's also the most voted on too. Not bad for a track that was more of an afterthought when compiling songs for the
"Bottle the Spin" CD. It certainly is a departure from the usual bombast the band is known for. Check out the song here or the video here. Thanks for listening...and keep voting

Pretty cool to be included on any list with Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, and the Replacements


Featured Artist of the Week...for two weeks in a row! Thank you MusicTampaBay!


We are pleased as punch for all the good news to be sharing with you. Reviews, interviews, and a few shows...More to come!


CDs are in! "Bottle the Spin" is ready for you to take it for a spin...down it with a bottle...or play it when you're spinning the bottle. Currently available at CD Baby, you will soon be able to enjoy its aural pleasures on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and various digital outlets. It's even got that new car smell!


We're baaaack! Been awhile since we've been on here. The band took a much needed break to focus on non-music activities (such as spending time with our kids, running small businesses, losing our hair). Now that we have a full-year's rest, we have a special treat for you: new music! That's right, a new CD that's about to drop (sound cliche?) and bring a smile to our truest fan base. "Bottle the Spin" is a twelve song opus (gosh, I just love that word!) that consists of four new tracks and eight remixed, remastered songs from our previous four albums (two from each one). Fan favorites such as "Brother Jonze", "Slop Rock", and "Mojo" sound as fresh and relevant as they were twenty years ago. Can't really call this record a Greatest Hits package as it would signify that we had hits; however, call it a reintroduction to some really, REALLY good songs the majority of you may have not heard. Check out a few of the new and remixed tracks in the Music section. Enjoy! 


Hello Independent Music Network fans! Welcome to Koncrete Kite's pretty cool website. We're a bunch o' brothers (from the same mutha!) that have been playing together on and off for quite some time. Yes, we started young. No, this ain't the Jackson 5 or Hanson. Give the site a lookie-loo. We've got music, behind the scene videos from the studio, rare footage from when we were wee lads, and a couple of other tasty awesomeness. Email us here and we'll reply back with a high quality MP3 of "Stained Glass". It's one of the newer tracks that will be included in our 20 year compilation CD. The project should be wrapped up in a couple of months. Thanks for checking us out!


Wow, where has the time gone? This past year was a whirlwind of activities, reviews, and recordings (oh my!) If the start of this new year is any indication of where the band is heading, then it certainly is going to be a super-funtastical-magilistic ride! Here's our latest video for the song, "Stained Glass". The track will be included in this year's upcoming music compilation celebrating twenty years (!!!) of Koncrete Kite. Enjoy!


"Make a video" they say. "You've got plenty of live footage" they insist. "Put it on YouTube" they command. Okay, okay...enough said! Here's a slap-dash, throw-some-clips-together-and-pray-you-don't-embarrass-yourself video for the band's adrenalin-soaked track, "Big in Japan". It's a DIY project culled from tons of live video shot throughout the years. And when I say "throughout the years", I'm talking decades! Jeez, we're old. Here ya go, our first promo for the upcoming CD.


Like an aging hooker who has spied upon a lonely teen with a shiny quarter, we are getting down tonight! (Alright, okay...maybe it wasn't the best reference...) Creativity is heating up as the outside temperatures start to drop. With the song, "Stained Glass", Joe incorporates some classical guitar for the intro. This song will build up, layers upon layers of guitars and piano, until the finale ends with the strumming of a lone acoustic. Total eargasm. Here's yet another brief clip from the studio. 

Meet Logan. He's pissed. "Where's all this f*cking great music you promised us?" (Sorry - writer's embellishment!) Relax buddy, it's on its way. With two songs in the can, another almost completed, and the final being worked on at home, Koncrete Kite fans should rejoice and look forward to some really, REALLY good music in the next couple of months. Now throw out that candy cigarette and chug a Red Bull, kid. You will be part of v2.0 once we're old(er) and gray!


October 20
Happy Birthday Greg!

This is a rare treat. PJ - the baby brother with the Abe Lincoln-like beard - seldom contributes. Hell, sometimes he disappears for months at a time. On the rare occasion that he does show, we try to pick his brain for any "hip, new ideas" from a guy that recently went to his ten year high school reunion. Really, ten years? Chris still wears shirts older than that! Anyway, this new song, "Oh, Brother", is his lone contribution. Joe and Rich tweaked it a little to make it sound more Koncrete-ish and less Kite-ish. A lyric video that screams positivity from a sour puss.

Back in the studio, making some sweet, sweet love to gals by the name of Les Paul, Fender Strat, and their ugly sister, DW Drums (feel free to sponsor us - please!) We're very excited with the collaborative ways the brothers have come up with these songs, and feel confident that this project will go quicker and smoother than the previous four. Here's some studio footage for the track, "Big in Japan". This has Greg written all over it!


With our second stint at the Pegasus Lounge now complete, it's time for the band to take some much needed time off to practice, practice, PRACTICE the shiny, brand-spankin' new songs we hope to have completed by the end of the year. Thank you all for coming to our shows and hope to see you in 2014!
April 16
Happy Birthday Joe!

Meet Chris (stage name: Smokey Butts). He’s the antisocial brother. Doesn’t own a cell phone. Abhors social media. Probably the guy who yells at the neighborhood kids to “get off my lawn!” But damn, he’s one funny bastard. Here – after hours of practice for the upcoming gig – he decides to lighten the mood and screw with his brothers. Gene Simmons would be proud!

April 3
Happy Birthday Chris! 

Wow, what month! Between the flurry of great reviews, meteoric rise on the charts, and writing new music; the band has been informed that it is Koncrete Kite Singled Out Week over at the wonderful Rock site,  antiMusic.com. Three insightful pieces about the current CD's tracks were written by the band members and posted online. Click on the title and read about the making and meaning of the songs!

   Button Fly         Banana Bread        Pinky Swear   

March 25
Happy Birthday PJ!

Looks like the Kite is flying high! "Button Fly" slowing climbing its way towards the elite on the Indie charts. The band finally broke into the Top Ten at #9 and trail the great John Lennon's son, Julian, by only six. Dare we say Bove tops Lennon in a few weeks? A band can only dream...


March 8
Happy Birthday Rich!

Unlike local indie radio (where we're currently ranked #5), this countdown is a little more special as we're #17 throughout the entire country! As an added bonus, a guy named Lennon is at #4. Baby steps, my friend, baby steps. C'mon and help spread the word!


It's never too early to promote a show...especially when it's the first live gig of the year! Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 13th! We're playing at the Pegasus Lounge here. Good times!


Valentine's came early for the band. One of the best reviews for the new CD. Detailed and amusing. Much thanks to The Bay Buzz!

Considering the type of friendship Constance and I share, when she first asked me to review Koncrete Kite’s album “Full of Bull”, I was a bit hesitant. Not because of anything to do with that band, but because I knew that if the situation were reversed, and I were ...asking her to review a CD for me, I’d give her the raunchiest punk album I could find just for the pure fun of it. I figured that she had somehow found the most hillbilly group of jug-playing straight country folks that have ever existed, and wanted me to review it for the exact reason I’d want her to review an Anti-Flag CD.

To say I was jaded going into this experience is a bit of an understatement, but I put in Koncrete Kite’s “Full of Bull” and then prepared to do the dishes.

The dishes still aren’t done.

This is a really amazing CD, and this is coming from someone who is actually fairly picky about what music he listens to. They aimed large with this album… they didn’t always hit the mark, but even the weaker parts of the CD (which aren’t many) make for some solid music.

This twelve song CD covers a lot of musical ground. Very few of the songs sound much like any of the others, and in most cases each song sounds entirely unlike anything else on the CD. This is a very good thing. So many bands nowadays find that one niche they fit in, and put out albums where it takes detailed detective work to differentiate one song from another.

The first song, “Dinosaurus”, immediately brought to mind the band Silverchair. To be clear, when I mention other bands I’m not suggesting that Koncrete Kite in any way copied the style, just that this song brought another great band to mind. “Dinosaurus” is a classic hard rock song, heavy… but at the same time basically acceptable to mainstream audiences: the vocals are quite melodic, the drums aren’t just pounding away mercilessly and the guitar wails but it wails with a melody and a purpose.

The rest of the album really encompasses a large variety of material, but instead of just blandly listing each song and giving a short review of them individually, I’d like to go more into the overall feeling that I got while listening to what is really a very solid CD.

It took me some thought to figure out why this CD struck a chord with me, but I think I’ve figured it out; I was a big fan of 80s and 90s sitcoms (should I be admitting that?), and some of my favorite episodes were when they would take the regular characters that you were familiar with, and put them in entirely unfamiliar situations. Whether it was Steve Urkel time traveling to a dystopian future or Al Bundy’s hunting trip somehow leaving him surrounded by beautiful women – the entertainment value of dumping the familiar amongst the unfamiliar is inarguable.

This CD brings exactly those feelings back to me – the sound I heard in “Dinosaurus”, the way each instrument worked together, the particular sound of the vocals… I heard those same basics in every other song, while at the same time the rest of the song often couldn’t be further away musically.

Track 5 for example, “Cartwheels on the Moon”, had a feel to me like if you took Tripping Daisy but then somehow convinced them to blow up the studio and rock a carnival. One thing that can be said throughout all of Koncrete Kite’s songs, but is in rare form here, is their powerful use of stops. You can feel the drums and bass punch as they bring the song home.

As if to give listeners a brief break from several hard rocking songs in a row, “Winter Sun” is the eighth song on the CD and is a beautiful piano interlude that manages to still maintain the melancholic feel of the rest of the songs while throwing in something unexpected.

Continuing the constant transformation, “Southern Comfort” is the 12th song on the album and, at least at first, allows the band to show off their southern rock skills. Alternating between an acoustic country sound and an electric country-blues feel, the song pulls you in with catchy riffs and a solid rhythm section. The song soon progresses into a psychedelic rock jam with a great guitar solo.

As can be expected with any undertaking, not every song was a rousing success. “Sucker Punch”, the 11th song on the CD, starts out with a promising raunchy blues sound but is brought down by vocals that don’t match the intensity the guitar provides. “Pug Life”, song number six, is a blues-rock song that – while not really being bad – just falls a bit flat. But that’s comparing it to some really excellent songs on the rest of the CD, so really it’s all relative.

Koncrete Kite has come out with an album that has an original sound, and I hope to hear them out and around, playing the scene for years to come.

Review by Aaron Cropper 2013

The Bay Buzz



As the great Billy Ray Valentine once proclaimed; "Merry New Year!" And indeed, merry it is. Lots in store for 2013. First, we've culled the vaults for old footage and music that will be shared on this site. Head over to the Trash or Treasure? page to take a look at the newest post. It's a behind the scenes video of the band during the recording sessions for the 2nd CD, Grounded. Recorded in 1999 at Morrisound Studios, it's the initial pairing of the brothers Bove with the talented sound guru, Mark Prator. This mentorship would last for another two albums.

Also, not one to rest on their laurels, the band has begun writing new material yet again. Although Full of Bull was just released, the musical mojo is a flowin' and there just might be another project up the band's sleeves! 

So you may say that we have one foot planted firmly in the past as the other is stretching out as humanly possible into the future. Good things for lucky number 2013! 

Check out the newest song here. One of Greg's ideas we just started working on this past Saturday. Let's call it "Greg's Gumbo". Enjoy!



Howdy folks! Christmas came early this year as we have added another page to this glorious infotainment site. Entitled, Trash or Treasure, this page will have a collection of, well, trash or treasure depending on how you view it. Old pictures, videos, and some music that have never made it onto any releases will be found here. Some of it is quite embarrassing, but what the Hell, self-deprecation is the new cool for 2013. Enjoy!   

What's up my playas
? Lots going on here in ol' Koncrete-land. (Can’t you tell by the spirited intro?) Aside from the usual marketing/pimping of the new CD, the band has been lucky enough to make the top 5% out of 500 finalists for the RipTide Music Pitch Session. The crème de la crème of acts will be allowed to pitch their music for upcoming prime time shows such as NCIS and The Good Wife. Do us a HUGE favor and vote for us here: Kite Flies High  Close, but no cigar. We'll get 'em next time!

In the meantime, the brothers Bove are dusting off the ol' six strings and drum seat to get nice 'n tight for some great shows for the new year. New songs...new covers...same old magical goodness. Here's Joe and Rich Bove jamming to the track, "DeNiro", from the last album, The Joy of Bee Stings.

Welcome antiMusic fans! Check out "Pinky Swear" and other tracks on the MUSIC link to the left.

I have been asked by a notable music site to write a piece about one of our songs. It's for their "Singled Out" series and spotlights an artist and the making of their track. This is what they'll get from me:

Let’s see…

Of all the new songs to decipher for the reader, I could have gone with our new single, “Button Fly”, and the self-aggrandizing that comes with being the band’s preferred
rockin’ track for keg parties and spirited air guitar competitions…

Or perhaps, the fan favorite, “Banana Bread”, with its psychedelic, don’t-eat-the-brown-acid, Beatle’s nod to 60’s peace, love, and dope smoking (or in this case, baked goodness)…

But NO! I am singling out the darkest track this band has ever put out in 15 years. Taken from our latest release, FULL of BULL, the song “Pinky Swear” is based on several accounts of an out-of-work husband and father who decides the fate of his family in the most irrational way.

Although most of Koncrete Kite’s other song lyrics can be deciphered various ways depending on the listener, “Pinky Swear” is as cut and dry as it can get: father loves son, father loves daughter, father can’t support family anymore, family goes bye-bye.

When I initially wrote the lyrics to this song, it was in first person. I figured, what the Hell; if Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and countless others can take on the role of a character and sing about their plight, why not us? Unfortunately, I am not the lead singer of this band, and when presented with the words, my brother Joe (who has graciously helmed the majority of vocals for this group) thought I was absolutely insane. “I’m not going to sing this. This is horrible. It would be a bad omen to me and my family!” is all I remembered before sulking away. Whether it was a case of “lead-singeritis” or against his moral compass, I was determined to get these lyrics recorded.

After a much heated debate - with cooler heads prevailing - we decided to compromise. The lyrics would retain the same meaning, but written in third person. Therefore, Joe would be absolved of singing any wrongdoing while I held onto the integrity of the theme. The lead vocals were cut in one take.

What makes this track morose are not just the words – “First choice and a last kiss” – but the guitar playing on it. Chris (aka Smokey Butts) is the bass player in the band, but does tackle guitar solo on a couple of tracks. On this song, we decided to go with something dirty-grungy, but yet melodic. Chris stepped up and laid down a solo that sounds like the afterbirth of a Neil Young – Kurt Cobain offspring. Brilliant!

The coda for this song is what makes or breaks it for the listener. After the line, “Heaven in a heartbeat, swear we’ll all live (on)”, the band stops. A cacophony of feedback swells into a deranged symphony devoid of any structure. The only thing keeping this beautiful mess together is the 4/4 timing on the hi-hat and the four separate crashes of the cymbal. Each crash represents a gunshot blast. A song for our troubling times. - Rich

Link to the article is here: Singled Out
You can hear "Pinky Swear" by going here!


Thanks to our friends at MusicTampaBay.com, we were the featured artists for the second time in the past three months! This is very flattering, but also a testament to the quality of songs and diversity of genres the new CD tackles. If you haven't heard any of the new tunes, you will be pleasantly surprised on how this band can go from 0 to 60 and back to idle again within the first three tracks. Dinosaur stomping rock thunder...psychedelic pop gooeyness...aw shucks, git 'er dunn country blather...Full of Bull has got it all! Check out the latest kudos on the Reviews page.  


Our first CD review is in! Although brief, it is flattering and located in one of the two major newspapers of the Tampa area. Thank you Tampa Bay Times!     


To our family and friends up in the Northeast, we wish you all the best of luck dealing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. We hope you are all safe, warm, and dry! Although it's not much consolation for the damage some of you may incur, we offer you our latest track, "The River Song", as a way to let you know we understand the power and fury of the surrounding waters. You guys can always thaw out here in sunny Tampa. Unbeknownst to Joe, I have offered his house as shelter. Check out the MUSIC section on the left for the song. 

Oh happy days! The band's fourth and newest CD is finally out! With more than four years in the making, and countless fighting and recording and more fighting (hey, we're brothers!) and re-recording, FULL OF BULL has finally seen the light of day. And boy, we couldn't be any more proud! There will be the standard Bove boys’ ass-kicking, in-your-face, guitar-crunching rock tracks like “Dinosaurus”, “Snafu Manchu”, and “Pinky Swear”but also several other songs that will have the listener step back and go HUH?!! (Imagine saying that in your greatest Scooby-Doo inner voice!) Songs like “Winter Sun”, “Amsterdam”, and fan-favorite “Banana Bread” have expanded the band’s palate and incorporated various instrumentation, vocal harmonies, and enough sugar-sweetness to make a honeybee diabetic. Stay tuned as we're about to release a ton of goodies (photos, music, video) for those who have remained loyal and interested in the band.


October 20
Happy Birthday Greg!

Well the band got some terrific news and promotion when Rick Crandall from MusicTampaBay.com reached out and asked to highlight our band on his radio site for the week. What a privilege! It warms the cockles of the heart to know that there are still some great supporters for the local music scene. I highly recommend his site and REQUIRE every one of our friends and fans to give it a listen. Click on the Windows Media button for instant musical gratification! Not surprisingly, there are a lot of talented musicians in the Tampa Bay area; just sit back and listen!   



It's been awhile, but we do have some news! The artwork for the CD is coming along nicely while Joe, Greg, and Rich head into the studio for the final mixdown. With fingers-crossed, and a little bit of prayer (spectacles - testicles -wallet - and watch!), the finished product should be in our grubby little hands within the next month. Here's a sneak peak of the CD cover (sans the title). Patience, young grasshopper...



Pretty busy week as the band wraps up its final recording. Next, they'll take a little time off to listen and re-listen to all twelve songs, touching up on a flub or two while erasing any errant bodily noises that may have sneaked into the background. And then...mastering the whole project and sending it off for production! In the meantime, here’s a track from the previous CD, The Joy of Bee Stings”, to help feed the appetite. The track, “Mojo”, is a fan favorite and one Chris sings lead on. This song is great to play while driving a nail into drywall...if using your head as a hammer. Enjoy!   




After thirty years and surviving both the '80's glam and '90's grunge era, Rich has finally retired his 1981 Slingerland Concert Toms and received his brand new Mapex customized MyDentity kit. Joe, Greg, and PJ are all very excited about the opportunity to play with a brand new sound. Chris is more interested as to who will inherit the old kit. Here's the new set:



Braving through the driving rain on I275, Rich heads into the studio to cut some percussion tracks for four songs. Although utilizing various instruments including the tambourine, shakers, triangle, and simple piano keys, sadly, it is reported that “more cowbell” is not the edict for the day; it will have to be relegated for some sort of retro-dance-uber-mix in the distant future. However, he was inspired by the sound of the rain and ominous thunder while at the session, and decided to throw it onto the beginning of the Beatlesque “The River Song”.  Give it a listen here:

The River Song - intro

April 16
Happy Birthday Joe!

April 5
Another productive recording session took place as Joe knocked out vocals and some lead guitar work for the song, “Southern Comfort”. After several listens, a few people have inquired if the band has gone “country” or ahem, “soft”. Well slap my ass and call me Suzy, the answer is NO…but it is amazing how much Koncrete Kite has grown musically in the past fifteen years of recording. When the first CD, “Can of Bliss”, came out in ’97, it was on the tail end of the grunge revolution. Loud guitars, even LOUDER drums, and the prerequisite feedback were still in vogue. The Devil May Care attitude has now slowly transformed into more reflective and mature musings. It’s not to say this band still doesn’t RAWK – there will be a few head-bangers on the upcoming CD, but this final track, “Southern Comfort”, and the accompanying pieces, “Amsterdam” and “Winter Sun”, will paint a lush landscape of harmonies, melodies, piano, and acoustic guitar from a group of brothers that started out with no formal training and learned to pick off music by endlessly listening to Kiss and Cheap Trick records on a crappy Mickey Mouse phonograph. We’re growing up, but not growing old! 
April 3
Happy Birthday Chris!

March 25
Happy Birthday PJ!

A very successful session tonight as Joe recorded three different guitar/bass tracks and some piano to boot! He may be a jack of all trades, but he certainly mastered the art of crafting a well-written song. This last track - which was tentatively titled, "Hypocrisy", has now been christened, "Southern Comfort", as the music reflects such a happy, care-free sound throughout (some say it definitely has a 70's vibe to it!) This track is peppered with an acoustic, a Rickenbacker guitar (for that jangly Byrds-sy feel), and a Fender Strat for oomph. The real curveball on this track is the coda: a catchy little ditty that will have you whistling throughout the day. It's now up to Rich to come up with some uplifting lyrics - which will be a challenge - as he is wont to brooding, introspective themes. Check out the demo here:

Southern Comfort - demo

March 8
Happy Birthday Rich!

Rich pounded out the final drum tracks for the album. Wanting to emulate the drumming of one of his childhood idols, John Bonham, he's copped to taking Led Zeppelin's "When the Levee Breaks" drum beat and putting his own signature style to it. Joe put down some acoustic guitar on the track in which he claims will be layered with multiple guitars and lots of vocal harmonies. One of the rare upbeat songs from the band (go figure!), there is debate as to what the title should be. Joe wants to go with "Hypocrisy", while Rich is leaning towards "Shabadoo" (which he claims is short for "Joey Joe-Joe Junior Shabadoo" of The Simpsons fame!) This is a catchy song and one that could very well be the signature track from this CD.
The song, "Pinky Swear", was worked on today. Vocals for this dark - and possibly CD closing track - were sung by Joe. Although Rich wrote the lyrics about the plight of a father who loses his job and how he's going to support his family, Joe insisted that this be written in third person as it was just too morbid for him to sing in first person and claims it would be a jinx on him and his family. There is a cacophony of guitar feedback that crescendos at the end of the song that gives it an eerie uneasiness for the listener and really emphasizes the plight of the storyteller. Joe is not a fan. Rich is a sick bastard.


Chris aka "Smokey Butts" aka "Mr. Pancakes and Butterflies" cuts some really menacing guitar solos for the song, "Pinky Swear". A cross between Neil Young and Kurt Cobain, Chris' solo really puts a stamp on the grittiness of this track. People will be raving about this one! 
Joe travels to north Tampa and records some really beautiful piano at Morrisound Studios. Although the studio is a haven for heavy metal and head bangers alike, the track, "Winter Sun", is a huge departure from what the studio and the band KONCRETE KITE has ever recorded. A haunting melody with somber undertones, this unique track may start off the new CD.

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